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A lot of things can be addressed virtually without having to leave home!!

  • Puppy Issues (potty training, teething, etc.)

  • Manners (jumping, mouthing, etc.)

  • Obedience (Heeling, Recalls, etc.)

Virtual Lessons with an OnDog Trainer

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Our students love the convenience and effectiveness of learning online!

We love being a "demo-dog"!

"by" Frida and Luda

Jake and Jenny like to show, as well as tell, what they want the humans to do with their dog, so periodically they let us help with the demonstrations:-) They are so nice to work with and hey, I'll do anything for their yummy treats!!

Jake helped us with Holly!

Colleen Hase

We have a dog that was very reactive to strangers and Jake helped us with Zoom meetings to watch her reactiveness and put together a plan for us to help her be more comfortable with car rides, walks, and boat rides. The ability to have a flexible schedule that worked with both our schedule and Jake's was extremely helpful!

Great Dog Trainers

By Kristin Sclavi

I have been working with Jenny and Jake for years. I came to them with some behavioral issues and when we talked about doing online sessions, I was a little skeptical. It worked out really well! We were able to meet and discuss issues and go over training all in the comfort of my own home. It was also great for my dogs who get very stressed when new people come over. I learned a lot and was able to put it all to good use! There has been much improvement across the board. Jake and Jenny really have helped me through the years and I will continue to use their services in the future!

Jake went above and beyond...

By Katie McCornack

Jake went above and beyond with his training. Listening to our concerns and addressing each one as we worked on them. He followed up on our trainings and offered tips on how to handle things as well as offered support when needed.

(Your Title Here)

by Jane Doe

I needed help with crate training my dog...


  • How much are your Virtual Lessons?

    We charge $85/hr for 1-on-1 Zoom lessons.

  • What is your cancelation policy for Virtual Lessons?

    100% deposit required to book; Non-refundable unless your lesson is canceled in advance as follows: ~ At least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson start time = partial refund of $50 ~ At least 2 hours before your scheduled lesson start time = partial refund of $25 ~ No-shows or those who fail to cancel their appointment before the scheduled lesson start time will not be refunded any amount.

  • How much are your Live Webinars?

    The price will vary based on topic, length, attendance allowance, and if there are guest presenters (as they may charge differently).