• How much do your services cost?

    We don't believe in hiding prices... all of our pricing can be found with the service information on their respective pages. Virtual Lessons are currently $75/hr. and our flagship course, "Welcome Home!" is currently $249

  • What services do you offer?

    Our main offering is our first fully online, on-demand (self-guided) course, "Welcome Home!". To supplement students' learning, we also offer one-on-one virtual lessons and will be periodically hosting webinars as well.

  • Who is behind OnDog Training Academy?

    Jake & Jenny, a husband & wife team [who first met in 7th grade], have been training dogs together since 2007; they started their first business in 2008 (building and growing it to 6 figures in its 11th year-living in a town of fewer than 2000 people) then the pandemic hit... so they started OnDog in 2021, in hopes of helping more dogs and their people than would ever be possible with only in-person services.

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