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Jake & Jenny are a married team who have been training dogs and coaching people together for over 15 years.  They help owners of pet, service, and working dogs form good relationships and strong bonds with their dogs through education, understanding, love, and respect.  They do this through one-on-one-coaching, on-demand courses and webinars, and their podcast, "Learn, Laugh, Bark".

Their favorite dog sport is Mondioring, which has led them to travel the world, meet different kinds of dog business owners, and learn about other trainers' philosophies, methods, and tips.  Their mission is to share their knowledge with as many people as possible so that more dogs can live a better life.

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  1. When to train your dog
  2. Dog training for today's world
  3. How to save thousands on dog training 
  4. How to fit dog training into your busy schedule
  5. The most common mistakes new puppy owners make


A little more About Us


Jake & Jenny

Jake and Jenny met in 7th grade and have pretty much been best friends ever since... "3rd time was the charm" before graduating high school, then two years into their marriage, they started their first dog training business together. OnDog Training Academy was born from the pandemic, and in November 2021 they launched their first online course, "Welcome Home!".


Jake S

Jake is a second-generation obedience trainer, an approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the AKC, and has obtained the title, CPDT-KA "Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed". He is also a certified decoy and a sanctioned judge for the United States Mondioring Association, in which he has participated since 2008 - the same year he and his wife, Jenny, started their first dog training business.


Jenny S

Jenny is a professional dog trainer/behavior consultant, and a 'born to be small business owner', starting her first business with her husband, Jake, when she was just 22 years old. She has titled both a Belgian Malinois and a Basset Hound in the dog sport, Rally, but prefers to avoid the spotlight and instead focus on creating written materials and maintaining (beautiful) websites.

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