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On-Demand Course

Immerse yourself in our self-paced online dog training video course designed to allow you to learn on your schedule.

Private Community

We encourage our students to participate in our on-site community for questions, support, and even brags!

Weekly Podcast

"Learn, Laugh, Bark" is hosted by one of our founders, Jake, and covers a variety of dog topics, from looking for a dog to dealing with loss.

Who is OnDog for?

Dog-Moms/Dads who are dedicated to learning the Proactive Approach to training their dog to be Well-Behaved beyond the obedience classroom.

  • Busy people ; learn on your schedule, at your own pace

  • Obedience School drop-outs ; train your shy/reactive dog without fear

  • Homebodies ; learn at home and train in your jammies!

  • DIY'ers ; train your own dog yourself (and you can take all of the credit;-)

  • Frequent Travelers ; take your dog's training with you on the road

  • Homeschoolers ; learn together as a family with all of the benefits you're used to

  • Rural/Country dwellers ; skip the hour-long drive to a dog training class

  • Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners aka independent self-starters who prioritize continuing education in all areas of their life ; level-up your dog raising skills

Do you want to avoid making the mistakes that most pet parents make?

We'll show you how to be more consistent TODAY!:-)

What our students are saying...

Great Course!

by Ericka N

Welcome Home was the perfect lead way into bringing home our new puppy. We had forgotten so much over the years that this content was very helpful.​ The material is full of good information, well laid out and instructed superbly by a top notch team. You will not be disappointed and having the ability to go back to review content is invaluable.​

I'm so thankful!

by Gabe C

OnDog Training Academy and 'Welcome Home!' helped us create consistency with Rocky. He went from being afraid of his crate and breaking through two of them to now enjoying downtime in his crate, whether we tell him to go in there, or he finds his way there on his own. We can finally leave the house without worrying about him destroying anything he can chew.

Everything and More!

by Crystal R

I am getting a puppy very soon and was so grateful to Jake and Jenny for this wonderful course! I learned so much information that was easy to watch, it kept me engaged and wasn’t overwhelming. I’m so ecstatic to try all of the new training lessons learned through this course! I would absolutely recommend this course to everyone with a new puppy, middle-aged and older! You can always teach a dog new tricks ;)

Excellent information!​

by Danielle H

Gus & Boots successfully drove cross country first the first time at 3 1/2yrs & 2 1/2yrs. They learned its ok to potty in different locations that isn't their backyards, riding in the car can be fun, new people are not as scary as they thought, hotel rooms are noisy but we shouldn't bark, etc. This is a HUGE accomplishment for them and I can only say that the hours of training we've done to date made this successful!

Effective, pretty thorough!

by Robert R

Holly stayed "down" on her "bed" for 20 minutes! And I made & cooked a PIZZA in her sight & smell, less than 10' away from her bed while she did this- Half a dozen times I DID go over near her, tell her "good stay"! and gave her a treat.


of Online Dog Training

  • Convenient
  • Same price as in-person
  • Flexible
  • No vaccine/fecal requirements
  • Get in-home help
  • No commute
  • Connect with other pet parents
  • Self-paced
  • The entire family can attend
  • Cost efficient
  • Review anytime
  • Easier troubleshooting
  • Learn what you need to, when you need to
  • Less distracting
  • No braving bad weather
  • Independence
  • Listen while you do other activities
  • Less pressure
  • Learn real-world skills from real trainers
  • Supplement live classes/board & train program
  • Pandemic-Proof!

Why search "dog training near me" or "dog trainer nearby", when we're always right there in your device - wherever you are in the world?!:-) 

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Puppy with bowl

NEW! Instant Access Option:-)

Whether you're 'nesting' before you get your puppy or you already have them, we will teach you how to turn "Chaos" into "Calm" with our program, "Welcome Home!"

Start TODAY at the regular price (already a great deal) -OR- Join our waiting list for exclusive discount notifications!

Time is of the essence for puppies, so we created a fast-track option to get you in ASAP!

Value: $1045

An ethical dog trainer NEVER Guarantees Results, but...

7-day Money-Back Promise

We are very confident that you'll find value in our program, so if you're not happy for any reason, you can email us within 7 days to request a full refund.

It's everything you need to proactively train your dog to be well-behaved:-)

  • 6+ hours of video instruction
  • Unlimited Course Access
  • Private On-site Community
  • Printable Worksheets

We can't wait to see the puppy pictures!

Jake & Jenny - OnDog Training Academy Founders