OnDog Training Academy

Where education and community are online for you 24/7

  • Courses On-Demand

    Immerse yourself in our engaging online courses designed to allow you to work at your own pace and on your schedule.

  • Private Community

    We encourage our students to join our interactive on-site community for questions, support, and even brags!

  • Weekly Podcast

    "Learn, Laugh, Bark" is hosted by one of our founders, Jake, and covers a variety of dog topics. Find a direct link in the top menu.

Who is OnDog for??

OnDog is for dog owners who are serious about learning how to train their dog to be well-behaved beyond the obedience classroom.

  • DIY'ers ; people who prefer to work at their own pace, on their own time (and you can take all of the credit;-)

  • Busy people ; we give you all of the information you need up front, so you can learn on your schedule

  • Obedience School drop-outs ; group classes are just not the right environment for some dogs (ie shy/reactive)

  • Frequent Travelers ; it's nearly impossible to take a multi-week class (especially if you live on the road)

  • Homeschoolers ; learn together as a family with all of the benefits you're already used to

"Can I really train my dog online?"

Absolutely! We've developed an effective and efficient system...

  • Multiple modalities

    We present the learning material in a variety of ways; videos, handouts, quizzes, workbooks, and exercises.

  • Trainer/Peer Support

    We empower our learners and trainers to reach out to each other for help. Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming aids such as a helpdesk and a chatbot!

  • Live Events

    We periodically offer live Q&A sessions, Webinars, and 1-1 virtual lessons. Please visit our Live Events page to learn more and book a spot!

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